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Lightning Induction Course

Purpose of the Course 

The purpose of the course is to provide the learner with the basic knowledge of lightning and lightning safety. 

Target Population 

The course is aimed at all workers functioning in an environment where they are predisposed to the dangers and effects of lightning, including the overseers which are responsible for the safety of the workers.



Learners are subject to the following pre-requisites: 

  •  Ability to read and write English and understand the meaning of English words or

  •  Schooling up to Grade 8. 


Learning outcomes and objectives 

The aim of the course is to provide you with the basic and necessary information and activities to enable you to: 

  •  Understanding the fundamental concepts of the physics of lightning. 

  •  Understanding the inherent dangers of lightning. 

  •  To take action in the event of lightning being present to prevent injury. 

  •  Determining the distance of a lightning strike. 

  •  Avoid the more dangerous areas during a thunderstorm. 

  •  Identify a thunderstorm by means of the cloud formation. 

  •  The dynamics of lightning. 

  •  How lightning is formed 

  •  Safe behaviour during a thunderstorm 

  •  First Aid in case of an injury or event. 


Course Duration 

One day 

What is Expected of you: 

  •  To study the contents of this course 

  •  Complete and participate in all the actions 

  •  Utilise the facilitator and fellow learners as learning resources. 

  •  Verify your understanding of the course with your facilitator. 



On completion of the course the learner will be assessed. 

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